What is Balinese Massage?

Balinese Massage is combination of full body and deep-tissue treatment in which therapist uses the techniques of stretches, reflexology and acupressure including aromatherapy that helps to improve the blood flow and oxygen supply around the whole body and send you to a new world of relaxation and make you feel wellbeing. It includes some other techniques also like kneading, skin rolling, stroking, stimulation on pressure points with the use of essential oils and aromas.

Due to your  daily routine many times you feel low from inside and outside, due to pollution your skin tissues got dull, then Balinese Massage is one of the best massages to take out yourself from all of these issues. The massage techniques make you feel better like never before, it makes you calm, boost your energy, relax your full body and recover your damage skin.

What to expect from and good in Balinese massage

Usually Balinese Massage done on the massage couch, but some time it can also be done on a floor mattress. Balinese Massage is a mix of some other massage techniques, Aromatherapy is one of the them and most important technique that use in it, as we know some essential oils and aromas are necessary in aromatherapy as well as in Balinese massage also. These essential oils and aromas help to soothe your mind, improve massage strokes and frictions which make your massage more comfortable and joyful. Due to the order of hard work your skin tissues and muscle got damage, then you can expect or ask to your therapist to deep pressure on body and hard strokes that will give you better feeling and relieve tension and also improve your blood circulation in muscles and energize your body.

You will feel wonderful: refresh, relaxed and energized after about your one hour session, a fantastic smell of aromas and essential oils that used in your therapy will follow you wherever you go. That will soothe your tissues, you will be relieved from muscle pains and from all the effects of your bad day, you will feel stress free and the fragrance of oils and aroma will help to enhance you mood.

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